Mark Rohtmaa-Jackson

Curated exhibitions (selected):
This is a Not-Me – with iMT Gallery via Instagram, Twitch, Discord and others: Frankie Roberts, Gentle Stranger, Plastique Fantastique, John Powell-Jones, Maggie Roberts and Felix Rose Kawitzky.
Givin u coy givin u smize – IMT Gallery, London: Paola Ciarksa, Sadé Mica and Salut c’est cool
Polymorph Other – Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexam, co-curated by Allan Hughes: David Blandy, Blue Mountain Arcturus, Uma Breakdown, Felix Rose Kawitzky & Marianne Thesen Law, Kate Liston, Daniel Locke, Motsonian, Reactor, TOTALLER, Peter Wolfendale & Timothy Linward and Reiver Castings.
Benedict Drew: Trapped in a Sticky Shed with Side Chain Compression – IMT Gallery
Chop Leisure – IMT Gallery: Kara Chin, Agape Harmani, Christopher MacInnes, Motsonian, Nicola Singh and Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan
Paola Ciarska: Cześć, Pani Ciarska – IMT Gallery, London
Suzanne Treister: Works From Survivor (F) – IMT Gallery, London: Suzanne Treister, performance by Linda Stupart with special guest appearance by Ray Filar, and text by Mer Maggie Roberts and Lucy A Sames
You were high when I was doomed – IMT Gallery, London (co-curated by Lindsay Friend and Marta Esteban): Thorbjørn Andersen, Daniel Davies, Benedict Drew, Kristian Kragelund, Lindsey Mendick, Flore Nové-Josserand and Gordon Shrigley
Feeling Safer – IMT Gallery, London: Verity Birt, David Burrows, Elliot Dodd, Joey Holder, Luke McCreadie, Maggie Roberts (0phan Drift)
Feeling Safer: Bugging Out – Gallery North @ Exchange Rates, New York: AAS, Paul Barron, Verity Birt, David Burrows, Paola Ciarska, Joey Holder, Luke McCreadie, Motsonian, Maggie Roberts (0phan Drift), Theo Scott and NaoKo TakaHashi
A Bad Policeman is Always Busy + Reactor: The Gold Ones – Gallery North, Newcastle (co-curated by Daniel Davies): Joe Fletcher Orr, Lucian Freud, Holly Hendry, Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, Ciara Lenihan, Luke McCreadie and Reactor (Bruce Asbestos, Susie Henderson & Niki Russell)
AAS – Young Castle of the Elder Sun – Northumbria University, Newcastle
Graham Dunning – Mechanical Techno – Baltic 39, Newcastle
Lump Hammer (James Watts, Kevin Rajiah & Tim Croft) – Gallery North, Newcastle
Borderlands  – Gallery North, Newcastle (co-curated by Ysanne Holt): Katie Davies, Laura Harrington, Sally Madge, John Kippen, Mike Collier, Sandra Johnston and Allan Hughes
Alternative 23 – Gallery North, Newcastle (co-curated by Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan): Steve Aylett, David Blandy & Daniel Locke, Let Me Feel Your Finger First, Laura Oldfield Ford, Plastique Fantastique, Henrik Schrat and Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan
Lotte Rose Kjær Skau: United We/I Stand Etc. –  IMT Gallery, London
Alternative 23 – IMT Gallery, London: Steve Aylett, David Blandy, Let Me Feel Your Finger First, Laura Oldfield Ford, Plastique Fantastique and Henrik Schrat
Attachment – IMT Gallery, London: Maia Conran, Józef Robakowski, Gordon Shrigley, Flore Nové-Josserand, Henrik Potter and Lotte Rose Kjær Skau and Hyun-Min Ryu
俺たちの愛情で世界中を燃えあがらせてやるぜ。やりまくるぞ。 – Angus-Hughes Gallery, London: Carlos Noronha Feio, Flore Nové-Josserand, Alejandro Ospina and NaoKo TakaHashi
Swarms of Black Flies Make the Roses Purple – IMT Gallery, London: Edwina Ashton, Alex Baker & Kit Poulson: William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Emma Hart, Alejandro Ospina and Plastique Fantastique
Laura Pawela: Sweet Heart Now Grown So Cold – IMT Gallery, London (co-curated by Pawel Kaminski)
Dead Fingers Talk 2012, The Mayan Caper – Galleri Box, Göteborg: Alma/Joe Ambrose, Steve Aylett, Alex Baker, William S. Burroughs & Ian Sommerville, Leslie Deere, Phillip Drummond, Lizzie Hughes, Anthony Joseph, Cathy Lane, Mark Jackson, Duncan McAfee, Eduardo Navas, Charlotte Norwood, Settimio Palermo, Simon Reuben White, Giorgio Sadotti, Scanner, Terre Thaemlitz, Laureana Toledo and Ultra-red
In Arcadia – IMT Gallery, London: Axel Antas, Angus Carlyle & Corrado Morgana, Gary Colclough, Barry Thompson and Mark Peter Wright.
Silencer – Payne Shurvell Gallery, London: Alex Baker, Audio Research Editions, Corrado Morgana and Nye Parry
Dead Fingers Talk – IMT Gallery, London: Alma/Joe Ambrose, Steve Aylett, Alex Baker & Kit Poulson, William S. Burroughs, Lawrence English, the Human Separation, Riccardo Iacono, Anthony Joseph, Cathy Lane, Eduardo Navas, Negativland, O.Blaat, Aki Onda, Jörg Piringer, Plastique Fantastique, Simon Reuben White, Giorgio Sadotti, Scanner, Terre Thaemlitz, Thomson & Craighead, Laureana Toledo and Ultra-red, with live performances by Ascsoms, Joel Cahen and Solina Hi-Fi, film by Lars Movin and Steen Møller Rasmussen and a series of talks by David Burrows, Mark Jackson, Anthony Joseph,  Kit Poulson, David Toop and Salomé Voegelin.
Curator of IMT Gallery, London from 2005, joined by co-curators Nicole Sansone (2014-2016) and Kirsten Cooke (2021-).
Curator and Director of Gallery North, Newcastle (2015-2018)
Curator of the LCC MA Sound Arts final exhibitions (2008-2012) co-curatored by Morgan Quaintance (2011), Richard Hylton (2010), Joel Cahen (2009) and ELECTRA (2008)
Curator of the Morph Plinth (2011-2013) with co-curators Karl England and Ted Haddon.