Tom O’Sullivan

Tom O’Sullivan is an artist and senior lecturer. He has been working in a collaborative art practice with Joanne Tatham for over 25 Years. Their practice thinks about the forms and languages of contemporary art as a way to consider how meaning is produced. The work is often a configuration of temporary, sited ‘sculpture’ together with constructed texts, performances and images. Taken together, these elements produce spaces for audience reflection on particular contexts and the meanings art might have in these places. Recent work has responded more explicitly to the conditions of contemporary art’s instrumentalisation in the public sphere. Other recent projects have involved fiction writing as a device to re-consider and re-position art histories.

Recent projects include The Bitter Cup, a novella produced with Book Works, London in collaboration with Hospitalfield, Arbroath (2019) https://www.bookworks.org.uk/node/1988 Does the iterative fit, a project for Rostockgata Sculpture Park at Kuntshall Oslo (2019) http://kunsthalloslo.no/?p=6494&lang=en A Proposal To Ask Where Does A Threshold Begin & End, a project for MIMA in Middlesbrough (2018) https://visitmima.com/whats-on/single/joanne-tatham-and-tom-osullivan-a-proposal-to-ask-where-does-a-threshold-begin-end A Successful Proposition for the Great North Exhibition, a commission for The Great Exhibition of the North at BALTIC (2018) https://baltic.art/whats-on/joanne-tatham-tom-osullivan

As Artists they are represented by The Modern Institute in Glasgow
Tom is also involved in the collaborative practice of Neuschloss (hyper-link here to Neuschloss page on site) and has an on-going research interest in collaborative and collective forms of contemporary art practice.