Corin Sworn

Corin Sworn’s work uses storytelling, material encounters and interactive technologies to explore logistics and connection. She is interested in the history of the gallery as a site for opening technologies while being a communicative apparatus itself. Recent installations have employed architectural augmentation, live feed cameras and surround sound to produce temporary spaces of encounter for collaborative acts. Within these spaces of enmeshment choice is set within specific limits and rehearsal is explored as a form of strategic learning.

In production Sworn collaborates with people from a range of disciplines and cultures. Methods of group storytelling, the production of temporary terminologies and shared scores are employed as communicative devices to build in resonance and discontinuity across experience.

Previous work has depicted: chemical interactions as colour fields; histories of the camera as a means to disconnect knowledge from the body for distribution in industrial logistics, and employed to do lists and artificial sweeteners to explore how the assembly line has moved into the subject through notions of self-management and self-improvement.

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