David Campbell

The Laughable Enigma of Ordinary Life, Arquipélago, Centro de Artes Contemporâneas in São Miguel, the Azores. (15th September- 31st 2017 to 14 January 2018).
Co-curated exhibition by David Campbell and Mark Durden and featured work by: Bank, (UK) Carla Garlaschi (Chile), David Sherry (Ireland), Erica Eyres (Canada), João Paulo Feliciano (Portugal), Gemma Marmalade (UK), Gilliam Wearing (UK), Joachim Schmid (Germany), John Smith (UK), Kara Hearn (USA), Maurice Doherty (Ireland), Olav Westphalen (Germany), Paul McCarthy (USA), Peter Finnemore (Wales), Pilvi Takala (Finland), Richard Hughes (UK), Richard Wentworth (UK), Thomas Geiger (Germany).  


Double Act: Art and Comedy, Belfast, Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC), Belfast (6 May- 31st July 2016). Co-curated with Mark Durden. Artists included: Terry Atkinson, Olav Westphalen, Bas Jan Ader, Jonathan Monk, Adrian Paci, Cory Archangel, Erwin Wurm, Richard Hughes. Mel Brimfield, Paul McCarthy, Joachim Schmid, Richard Wentworth, Keith Coventry, Common Culture, Michael Smith, John Smith, Terry Atkinson and Julian Rosefeldt. https://themaclive.com/shows/double-act

Double Act: Art and Comedy, Bluecoat, Liverpool (8th April – 19th June 2016). Co-curated with Mark Durden. Artists included: Bill Woodrow, Martin Kippenberger, Jonathan Monk, Peter Land, Common Culture, Gemma Marmalade, Pilvii Takala, Jo Spence, Sarah Lucas, Maurice Doherty, Alex Bag, Richard Prince, David Sherry, Erica Eyres, Peter Finnemore and Kara Hearn.

Variable Capital; commissioned by Bluecoat for Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture exhibition programme and co-curated with Mark Durden. The exhibition explored the relationship between art and commodity consumption and included work by Hans Op de Beeck, Alexander Gerdel, Richard Hughes, Melanie Jackson, Louise Lawler, Edward Burtynsky, Wang Qingsong, Julian Rosefeldt, Santiago Sierra, Larry Sultan, Brian Ulrich and Andy Warhol. The exhibition was accompanied by a co-authored book, (with Mark Durden) published by Liverpool University Press.

Curator: Terry Atkinson, Cultural Instrument, Real Gallery, New York.