Mark Rohtmaa-Jackson

Mark Jackson is a curator and artist, and a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Critical Theory and Curatorial Practices at Northumbria University.  Current projects include Blue Mountain Arcturus, a fictional wargaming and conspiracy research company co-managed with the artist Allan Hughes; episodic involvement with various manifestations of the “mythopoetic fiction” Plastique Fantastique; curating the programme at IMT Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in London, which he started with gallery director Lindsay Friend in 2005; and artistic responses as part of the research group NEUSCHLOSS. 

Recent publications include ‘Donnerrollen/Rolling Thunder’, a catalogue text for the Henrik Schrat monograph Orangerie bei Nacht, and This is a Game Called ‘Hello, Hello, Here is X.X.’, a limited-edition vinyl made from a recorded interview between Burroughs and journalist Roger Clarke.  He currently working, with Allan Hughes, on Polymorph Other: a book on rpgs and wargaming as contemporary art practice. Mark’s doctoral thesis was a study of the tape experiments of William S. Burroughs as curatorial strategy.

For further information visit markpajackson.com