I am a quantitative geomorphologist who specialises in surface process analysis in glacial and ice-marginal environments. My research interests include glacial hazard analysis, sedimentological and geomorphological analysis of glacial (debris-covered glaciers) and ice-marginal zones (outburst flood deposits, blue-ice moraines), debris-supply in glacierised Alpine catchments and glacial hazard reconstruction and modelling (GLOFs). Much of this research utilises low-cost ‘Structure-from-Motion’ methods, often driven by data acquired from UAV, or drone platforms. I have undertaken fieldwork in the Nepal Himalaya, European Alps (Italy, Switzerland), and Norway.

I joined the Department of Geography at Northumbria University in 2014 as a PDRA on the NERC-funded project ‘A new approach to West Antarctic Ice Sheet evolution using blue-ice moraines on nunataks’. I was appointed as a Lecturer in Physical Geography (Fixed Term) in October 2016.

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