Dr Leanne Mary Wake

Leanne Wake

Sea level is not level. Geographical variations in the timing and magnitude of changes in paleo sea level enables us to pinpoint sources of meltwater in the cryosphere. This is achieved by modelling the elastic, viscous and gravitational response of the Earth to redistribution of ice and water on the Earth’s surface and predicting the spatial variability of sea-level change during the Quaternary. My current research aims to develop a constrained mass balance history of the Greenland Ice Sheet spanning the last 2000 years using output from an ensemble of palaeoclimate reconstructions. This will place the recent changes of the Greenland Ice Sheet into a multi-century context, thus providing distinction between natural variability of mass balance and global-warming induced change. Outside of my core interests of ice sheet-climate-sea level interactions, I also work with colleagues here at Northumbria and externally to improve model representations of atmosphere-cryosphere interactions.

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