Ice, Snow and Permafrost

Cold regions comprising snow, glaciers, ice caps, frozen ground and sea ice, are changing rapidly in response to a warming climate. Our focus on novel field-based data collection with cutting-edge physical and numerical modelling, remote sensing and laboratory techniques allows improved understanding of changes in these cold environments which are critical to address questions in Earth Systems Science. Research into measurement, modelling and remote sensing of snowpacks (mid-latitude, sub-Arctic and high-Arctic), snow on sea ice (Canadian Arctic), glaciers (European Alps, Svalbard, Andes, Himalaya), ice sheets (Greenland and Antarctica) and permafrost (Siberia) means our cold regions research has a global reach and maintains cutting edge scientific relevance.

Academic Staff: Dr Jowan Barnes; Prof Ben Brock; Dr Jan de Rydt; Dr Catriona Fyffe; Dr Joseph Graly; Prof Hilmar Gudmonsson; Dr Marianne Haseloff; Prof Adrian Jenkins; Dr Jim Jordan; Dr Michael LimDr Paul Mann; Dr Juri Palmtag; Dr Francesca Pellicciotti; Prof David Pearce; Dr Sebastian Rosier; Dr Nick Rutter; Dr Melody Sandells; Dr Leanne Wake; Dr Matt Westoby; Dr Kate Winter; Prof John Woodward