Our Mission

The International Centre for Connected Construction develops, exploits and connects technology to address the persistent challenges that exist within the sector, enabling the creation and adoption of smart and sustainable whole life strategies across all aspects of the construction industry.

IC3’s mission is framed to address the central challenges recognised by the construction industry. These include:

  • The need to embrace the transformative potential of new digital, connected and collaborative approaches, smarter ways of working to address low productivity and other critical performance challenges facing the industry.
  • The optimisation of processes through which buildings are designed, built and operated to deliver a step-change in the quality, value, health, safety and performance of buildings for the benefit of occupants, stakeholders, society and the environment
  • The innovation required to integrate sustainability into core business functions and develop climate positive buildings and infrastructure, both new and existing, to address global warming and other environmental issues.
  • The intelligent capture and use of data to inform smarter working practices, including asset management
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Buildings About IC3

IC3 has the following long term aims and ambitions:

  • Our Place: Building better and smarter to support how we live, work and relax. Creating a more productive, safer and sustainable built environment that responds to the changing ways of working, digital revolution, improvements in work/life balance and a greener way of living.
  • Ecosystem Lifecycle: Academia, industry and government collaborating to change and improve the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, procured, constructed and managed
  • Smarter Construction: Developing faster, better and more sustainable performance assisted by emerging digital technologies
  • Societal and Economic Benefits: Contributing and reaping improved civil and economic performance and societal benefits
  • Global Impact: International scanning to adopt and share best practice and ideas for local growth and global influence
    Active Exemplars: Creating and learning from evidence-led research through “Innovation in action”

IC3: Unique Differentiators

done The power of the construction industry working in partnership through collective and applied research and development.

done The research power and expertise of the universities
… from data science, city & urban modelling, intelligent systems, living labs, architectural design, civil engineering to policy and law, cyber security, climate & environmental resilience; and the expertise just goes on.

done Demonstrator ‘innovation in action’ projects that showcase the application of research to the sector.
Global partnerships and knowledge exchange.

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