Businesses are often reluctant to innovate without evidence that an idea has already been tried and tested. Demonstrator Projects are a way of building an evidence base by evaluating the outcomes of innovation on live projects. In this way, best practices can be shared and potential improvements can be adopted more confidently.
IC3 partners are working together on the following demonstrator projects.

See our case studies below

Saudi Arabia Skyline

UK – Saudi research explores how AI can drive sustainability

Read about this case study here. 

Digital Energy Estimation Tool

Read more about this case study here.

Collaborating with coastal communities on regeneration is key

Read more here.

Using a Digital Twin to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Read about this case study here. 

Northumbria University and PlaceChangers – A Case Study Demonstrator project with IC3

Read more about this case study here.

Additionally, an archive of past projects from the Constructing Excellence ‘Demonstration Programme’ established in 1998 is available Here!

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