Digital Energy Estimation Tool

In this research project the research team has developed a unique parametric design-based methodology for estimating total energy use in a building utilising BIM (Building Information Modelling) frameworks and protocols.  Results from the work have indicated that embodied energy can be much more significant in the first few phases of the buildings life cycle, and material selection can be addressed within a parametric model. 


In addition, the project had a unique multidisciplinary research approach to show how technologies such as BIM and virtual reality can be used to communicate the message of enhancing the performance of the built environment and the cities and communities it serves. The project achieved the development of data rich 3D construction templates that addressed more efficiently the decision making potential of BIM processes. A final outcome of the work was the realization of how such aspects such as energy and carbon in the built environment assets can be visualized with virtual reality to give it greater acceptance. This tool was

 exhibited at COP26.



Lead Academic on This Project

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26th October 2021

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