Remote Healthcare for Eating Disorders
throughout COVID-19

What is the project about?

Welcome to RHED-C (Remote Healthcare for Eating Disorders throughout COVID-19)This research project is dedicated to understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the treatment of Eating Disorders (EDs). We work with a range of partners and experts by lived experience to; Better understand the influencing factors that have contributed to the worsening of symptoms of EDs during the COVID-19 pandemic ; Look at how appropriate current methods are for the delivery of remote ED treatment ; Explore future design ideas for technology facilitated services for remote ED treatment that are secure and effective. 

This website gives to date information on our work in progress. Please check out the rest of the site and follow us on Twitter (@RHEDC_Project) for regular updates.

Why are we doing this work?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the wellbeing on many individuals, including those currently experiencing or in recovery from an Eating Disorder (ED). The pandemic lead to changes in our everyday behaviours, social interactions, exercise, mental wellbeing and access to healthcare support.

Healthcare services, and other sources of vital support, were forced to rapidly transition to online services, this brought with it opportunities but also a range of obstacles. RHED-C explores peoples experiences during the pandemic, identifies areas for improvement in remote care technologies and services and works with individuals with lived experience (and other stakeholders) to work towards improving future remote service provision. You can learn more about the project on our ‘about us’ page.