7 Things Gingers Are Tired Of Hearing

  1. It never has been nor will it ever be funny for a stranger to yell “GINGER!!” in my face. I am quite aware that my hair is ginger, I don’t need a very loud and rude reminder that I am in fact ginger. Get out of my personal space and on with your day. Thank u, next!

  2. I would like to live the rest of my life without someone asking “Does the carpet match the curtains?” when asking about my pubic hair. Just don’t do it… Don’t even *think* about doing it. It’s unbelievably rude and absolutely NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If it is really bothering you that much then use your common sense and keep your mouth shut.

  3. “I’ve never slept with a redhead” …*eyeroll* FYI, that is not a compliment! It makes me feel like the object of a weird fetish. You’ve never slept with a redhead before? Well, I can guarantee you, I will not be the first.

  4. Following on from my previous point… “I’ve got a *thing* for gingers”  Nope. Never. Just stop.

  5. “Oh my god, I’m like, sooo tanned compared to you!” Yep, unsurprisingly, being ginger my skin is fairly pale. Moving on…

  6. “Have you ever thought about dying it?” I mean, as a taunted teenager, it definitely crossed my mind, but NOPE! Name a better hair colour than ginger and I’ll consider it…. I’ll wait…

  7. “Is that your natural hair colour?” YAAAASSS! And isn’t it so amazing! Okay, I do like people asking this one so I can bashfully act like it’s not that great. But deep down under my modest facade I just know my hair is the best.

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