“But ginger hair clashes with *insert colour here*”

I have ginger hair. I grew up loving fashion and as I got older I loved experimenting with vintage and charity shop finds. My wardrobe looked like a textiles factory had exploded in it; there were so many colours and textures and patterns.

I loved it, my mum (who also has ginger hair) however did not. “You can’t wear pink! It clashes with your hair!” Oh so many times I heard this sentence…

I’d put something on and get ready to leave the house only to be met with “But ginger hair clashes with *insert colour here*!”

I decided to challenge the ridiculous idea that ginger clashes with so many colours. I planned a photoshoot and chose three brightly coloured backdrops that were meant to *clash* with ginger hair but just as I thought, it did the opposite…







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