Our Team

We are an established group of designers and technologists that have worked together for many years on a variety of projects. With roots stretching back to Computer Related Design Research at the Royal College of Art in the late nineties, the Interaction Research Studio in its present form was established at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2006, before moving to Northumbria University in late 2021.

Bill Gaver

Bill Gaver is Professor of Design and co-leader of the Interaction Research Studio at the University of Northumbria, London. With the Studio, he has developed novel approaches for pursuing design as research over the course of numerous practice-based projects, many of which have been published and exhibited internationally. He came to Design as a lapsed psychologist and cognitive scientist with a background in HCI and Politics and long-standing engagements with Sociology and STS. This has allowed him to make distinctive contributions to a portfolio of work that includes research products, methodologies and conceptual insights for and about practice-based design research, with an emphasis on ambiguity, ludic design, and emergence.

Andy Boucher

A portrait photograph of Andy Boucher

Andy is an Associate Professor and co-director of the Interaction Research Studio, based at Northumbria University’s London campus. He is a designer and maker, who over the past twenty years has developed a practice-based approach to the production of interactive research devices and design-led methodologies for user studies. A co-founder of the Studio, he has helped it grow into an internationally recognised team of multi-disciplinary designers and technologists. His work centres on the design of research products that offer an alternative present for how technology is produced, distributed, and used, ranging from highly finished prototypes for long-term field studies to self-build designs that anybody to make at home.

Dean Brown

A portrait photograph of Dean Brown

Dean Brown is a 3D designer and researcher based in London. He has worked on ProbeTools, My Naturewatch and Yo–Yo Machines and is adept at creating engaging designs from humble materials. In addition, he has used his network to create links between the Studio and the wider design community. Dean studied Product Design at DJCAD, Dundee (2003-2007) followed by a residency period at Fabrica Research Centre, Italy (2010-2014). In parallel to his research Dean is the founder of Brown Office – a multidisciplinary studio creating objects, installations and interiors. Amongst other things he has designed vases, cameras, kitchens and sunglasses for puffins.

Naho Matsuda

A portrait photograph of Naho Matsuda

With a background in visual communication and interaction design Naho mainly takes responsibility for graphic design, photography, publication and web design for the studio, as well as studio publicity. She has a personal practice as an artist working in print, publications, writing, installation and performance.

Liliana Ovalle

A portrait of Liliana Ovalle

Liliana is a Senior Research Fellow with over 10 years of experience at the Interaction Research Studio. Liliana has worked on a wide range of research projects focusing on the design and production of research devices and design-led methodologies for public engagement. Liliana studied Industrial Design at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico followed by an MA at the Royal College of Art in London. She is now pursuing a Ph.D. where she explores the role of design in creating ludic engagements through craft practices in cross-cultural settings in Mexico. Parallel to her research Liliana runs her design practice where she has worked on a wide range of independent projects and collaborations with industry.

Andrew Sheen

A portrait photograph of Andy Sheen

Andy is a creative technologist with a strong background in hardware design as well as software. Joining us from Tech Will Save Us, he is very experienced in working with the technologies needed for stand-alone computational products, and moreover for designing electronics that are accessible for novices to make. He has a background in audio design and also works with electronic installations in his personal practice.

Mike Vanis

A portrait photograph of Mike Vanis

Mike is a creative technologist who joined us from Tech Will Save Us. He has strong software skills particularly in working with the microprocessor platforms and networking we use in our designs, and is also well-versed in hardware design. He pursues his personal practice with his partner Cindy as Unit Lab, making playful products inspired by science and the natural world.