Indoor Weather Stations

‘Indoor Weather Stations’ reveal the home’s microclimate by highlighting small gusts of wind, the colour of ambient light, and temperature differentials within the home. Unlike most technologies for increasing environmental awareness, which are utilitarian and instrumental, the Weather Station’s focus is on supporting more poetic readings of the home. Our field study with dozens of the devices in South London homes suggested that devices such as these can encourage interesting, complex or simply different reflections on the relationships between home, technology, and the environment. They move us beyond simple narratives of self-sacrifice and restraint toward more nuanced and complex reflections about sustainability and the home.

Click here for a conference paper about the project.

Date: 2011

A photograph of the Light Collector in situ on the coffee table of a participant
A photograph of the collection of Indoor Weather Stations, featuring Tape Temperature, Light Collector and Wind Tunnel
A photograph of the hands of a participant examining the Wind Tunnel on their kitchen table
A photograph of the Indoor Weather Stations inside the packaging, which also features power supplies and user guides
A photograph of prototype 3D printer housings for the Tape Temperature sensors