Welcome to the ‘Gender-inclusive Cities’ project website.

This project investigates gender walks as a possible method for knowledge-gathering in the urban planning and design process. The research is positioned within the field of gender-sensitive design, which aims to tackle gender-based inequalities in cities. The project ascertains the complexity of intersectional gender-aware design and therefore looks to utilise the potentials of walking – in its simplicity and effectiveness – as a responding strategy. The potential and limits of the method are tested through its implementation, the analysis of the findings and the development of design responses with participants. The gained theoretical knowledge on gender-aware planning and the complexity of the issue from the sociological perspective will provide support and critique for the ongoing City Centre Transformation Programme, by partnering with Newcastle City Council. 

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Take Part

  • We invite academics who deliver ethnographically or qualitatively informed studies on gender-inclusive spaces and cities to engage in our conversation, please find the previous talks here; If you are interested to share your works with us, please drop us a message.
  • If you are the local residents who might do a walk audit of a street or area of the local community to build consensus around changes you want to advocate for, please join our planned events and gender walks.
  • If you are city planners or engineers who might conduct a walk audit with community members to inform the planning or design process for local streets of the city, please feel free to contact us.

Please read data protection for this research.