Three compelling stories of young men growing up in a class divided framing town

Growing up can be hard, but growing up surrounded by people with an outdated mindset on the British class system can be just annoying wherever you fall on the class system.

This photo series follows three young men from different walks of life all growing up in a class divided  in Driffield a farming town situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Toby walks around a wood close to his farm looking for mole traps he set the week before

1. Toby , 21

Toby lives with his parents on their family farm outside of town . He works on the  farm 6 days a week on his dads payroll  . His week mostly consists of corn carting and handy man jobs through the late winter months. feeling like an outsider in town due to the way people perceive  him coming from a wealthy farming family

“I feel like i get treated differently by people just because my dad is a farmer in the area , like i am expected to follow in his footsteps and act like middle aged, middle classed man who dresses proper . I couldn’t be seen in a pair of trackies my dad will kill me for looking like a chav, yet everyone my age who lives in town wear trackies and trainers and they aren’t chavs .  I’ve always had people saying snide comments to me at school for being posh or being a farmer boy yet i’m just the same as them”

2. Lester, 24

Living by his self in  a flat in town Lester works on a local farm  6 days a week for minimum wage which is just enough to live off a week working long hours. With very little down time. Coming from a working class family with a low income Lester has to support himself seeing framing as his only option.

“I don’t like working on the farm much its long and hard work , the farmer is nice enough to work for but we are just different people . I feel as i’m useless in the grand scheme of things ,a mindless worker only here to serve those above me. I want to get out of this job and see new places , I’m sick of feeling below everybody else”


Wills day off 3. Will, 19

Will  has a full time job as a chef in a local pub after he finished college with their being few job prospects in the area he could either work as a farm hand or work in a pub or restaurant both for the same wage with working on the farm being the more socially accepted job in the area. He moved from Bradford to Driffield when he was 11 , coming from a large city to a small town his style and even accent where looked down upon by many of the locals.

“We moved to Driffield because the majority of my mum’s family made the move over to Driffield. Driffield is a lot quieter than Bradford it’s not as scary/intimidating the majority of the people know who you are. The first 1/2 years of moving to Driffield I felt like an outsider as I was trying to fit in
and be like everyone else but when you move to East Yorkshire from West Yorkshire the accent is a hard thing that people can’t get around for some reason.”

Written by Leo Bell

Photography by Leo Bell

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