Eugene McCann (Simon Fraser University), Cristina Temenos (University of Manchester) and Tom Baker (University of Auckland) are working on research projects investigating the mobilities of drug policies through different cities in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean. 

They have a particular focus on harm reduction drug policies.  They are interested in the ways that the practices and ideas around harm reduction circulate and get taken up in different cities.  More specifically, they study the political debates that accompany around harm reduction drug policies, how the politics of drug policy operates in ways that are simultaneously local, regional, national, and global, and the ways that transnational advocacy networks for drug policy reform operate in relation to local drug policy formation.  Their research seeks to uncover how harm reduction ideas, practices, and advocacy strategies affect urbanization, and the ways that spaces of urban public health affect the lives of the people inhabiting those places. See below for publications and presentations on this research.

Project Outputs and Downloads


Baker, T., McCann, E. and Temenos, C. (forthcoming) Into the ordinary: non-elite actors and the mobility of harm reduction policies. Policy and Society. [free version here]

Baker, T. and McCann, E. (forthcoming) Beyond failure: the generative effects of unsuccessful proposals for Supervised Drug Consumption Spaces in Melbourne, Australia. Urban Geography. [free version here, official version here]

McCann, E. and Longhurst, A. (2016) Political struggles on a frontier of harm reduction drug policy: Geographies of constrained policy mobility. Space and Polity 20 (1): 109-123. [official version here]

Temenos, C. (2016) Mobilizing drug policy activism: Conferences, convergence spaces and ephemeral fixtures in social movement mobilization. Space and Polity 20 (1): 121-141  [free version here, official version here]

Temenos, C. and Johnston, R. (2016) Constructing the liberal health-care consumer online: A content analysis of Canadian medical tourism and harm reduction service provider websites. In Giesbricht, M. and Crooks, V. (eds.) Place, Health, and Diversity: A Canadian Perspective. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 163-182.

McCann, E. and Temenos, C. (2015) Mobilizing drug consumption rooms: Inter-place networks and harm reduction drugs policy. Health and Place 31: 216-223. [free version here, official version here]

McCann, E. (2011) Veritable inventions: Cities, policies and assemblage. Area 43 (2): 143-147. [pdf]

McCann, E. (2011) Points of reference: Knowledge of elsewhere in the politics of urban drug policy. In McCann, E. and Ward, K. (eds.) Mobile Urbanism: Cities and policy-making in a global age. Minneapolis: Minnesota University Press, 97-122. [pdf]

McCann, E. (2008) Expertise, truth, and urban policy mobilities: Global circuits of knowledge in the development of Vancouver, Canada’s ‘four pillar’ drug strategy. Environment and Planning A 40 (4): 885-904. [pdf]


Temenos, C. (2013) Constructing relational urbanism: Urban policy mobility and the role of conference space. Urban Affairs Association Conference, San Francisco, April 2013. [pdf]

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McCann, E. (2011) Harm reduction as a global social movement. Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SFU Chapter) panel on Harm Reduction on Campus, Vancouver, March 2011. [pdf]

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McCann, E. (2008) Down here: Situatedness, empowerment, and drug policy in Vancouver, British Columbia. Keynote address to the European Science Foundation/UNESCO Chair conference on The Right to the City: New Challenges, New Issues. Vadstena, Sweden, October 2008. [pdf]

McCann, E. (2008) Urban/global: A geographical perspective on the role of cities and urban activists in the politics of harm reduction. International Harm Reduction Association 19th International Conference, Barcelona, May 2008. [pdf]

McCann, E. and Campbell, S. (2008) Urban policy and public health crisis: the complex implications of epidemic infection & drug overdose death in Vancouver, Canada, 1994- 2008. International Sociological Association, Research Committee on the Sociology of Urban and Regional Development (RC21) conference, Tokyo, December 2008. [pdf]

Contact Eugene McCann (emcann [at] or Cristina Temenos (cristina.temenos [at] for more details of the projects.