This is the home of the Imagining Urban Futures (IUF) research programme. In a nutshell, the programme explores the interaction between mobile best-practice models and expertise on the one hand and territorial urban politics on the other.

The IUF team consist of Kevin Ward (University of Manchester), Ian Cook (Northumbria University), Eugene McCann (Simon Fraser University), Cristina Temenos (Simon Fraser University), Tom Baker (Simon Fraser University), Sergio Montero (University of California, Berkeley), (Massey University), Russell Prince (Massey University), Astrid Wood (UCL), Elizabeth Rapoport (UCL), Helen Wilson (University of Manchester) and Matthew Lane (Lancaster University).

This website provides you with information on and the many, many outputs from, the programme which has focused on a variety of empirically-driven research projects on issues, including:

Through these projects, the programme answers important questions such as:

  • How and why do individuals and groups learn from elsewhere?
  • How are particular places of ‘best practice’ selected and drawn up?
  • What role do conferences, study tours and consultants play in shaping these mobile policies?
  • And how do these mobile policies interact with local politics?

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