Find out more about Participatory Action Research with training days in 2017

collaboration-1106196_960_720Three workshops are being offered by the Participatory Research Hub for those interested in finding out more about this way of researching in collaboration. The workshops are open to those new to and established as researchers in universities, the voluntary and public sectors, communities and activists. Participatory research is an excellent route to research impact and one of the courses focusses on ways to involve policy-makers and practitioners in research that helps to develop policy and practice.

The three courses, all to be held at the Lindisfarne Centre, St Aidan’s College, Durham University are:

  • Participatory Action Research 1: Introduction to PAR, 3rd February 2017
  • Participatory Action Research 2: Embedding participation in research practice, 3 March 2017
  • Developing Policy and Practice through Participatory Research, 15 May 2017

To find out more about the workshops and to book your place visit:

For further advice, information and toolkits about participatory research visit:  


Tooltime at Teatime with Peanut

Peanut take a different approach to doing things… a Participatory Approach. This is a unique set of skills and activities we use to include and also enthuse people. Whether its events, away-days, training courses, community appraisals, action planning or research projects, people enjoy taking part.

The Peanut Participatory Approach works because it’s a rigorous, systematic process of including people to find solutions, make decisions and achieve improvement.

Tooltime…is a series of one hour sessions developed and hosted by Peanut and Straightforward.

Tooltime is a no charge event, running for an hour on a Monday afternoon. It gives you the chance to have a go at some participatory ‘tools’ and discuss how they could work in your own projects, teaching or research. It’s also an opportunity to meet other people and have little bit of free training.

What’ll be happening at Tooltime?

We’ll try out a couple tools together; some tried and tested favourites and some that are completely new to us. There’ll be room along the way for a drink, a biscuit and a bit of networking. In time, we’ll be putting together an online resource to include all of the tools we’ve tried out.

Why come to Tooltime?

To meet the Peanut team (Catherine and Ross), have a biscuit, a worthwhile break and take time to have a go at something a bit different, useful and new. While there’s no budget for Tooltime and you’ll have to bring your own drinks, we will provide some biscuits or snacks.

2012 Dates, Times  and Venues

The first few Tooltime sessions are on Mondays for, for no other reason than things aren’t usually on a Monday. But if it doesn’t work we’ll change it. No need to book, just turn up.

  •  22nd October, Coach Lane Campus, G109 – ‘It’s not a Venn’, to explore relationships using two criteria. Used for stakeholder analysis.
  • 5th November, City Campus West, Ellison A008 – ‘Flow Diagrams’, to look at the different stages of a process, causes and effects.
  • 12th November, City Campus West, Lipman 027 – ‘Yes, No  Decision Tree’, a simple but structured way of making decisions together.
  • Date TBC, Campus TBC, Room TBC – ‘A take on Ishikawa’s Fishbone’ to look at causes, root causes and effects.

If you’d like more information about Tooltime or Peanut contact Catherine Butcher on 0191 227 3848 or or see our website at