Health Foundation – Insight 2017 Programme

The Health Foundation’s £1.6 million Insight 2017 funding programme is a research-led open call supporting original research to improve health care quality in the UK.

Ideas are invited for research that advances the development and use of data from national clinical audits and patient registries as a mechanism for improving health care quality in the UK.

For details see the Health Foundation website.

The programme comprises two funding streams:

  • Small-scale awards – up to £100,000 to support innovative research that is particularly novel or conducted at a small scale, completed over 18 months.
  • Large-scale awards – between £300,000 and £400,000 for substantive studies of innovative and ambitious research with the potential to support transformational change, completed over three years.

The call aims to fund research that either:

  • broadens the involvement of patients in the design and collection of clinical audit and registry data, specifically the collection and use of patient reported outcomes
  • demonstrates the value of linking clinical audit and registry data to other data, to improve the value of health care
  • explores variation in metrics of clinical quality and outlier identification to determine priorities for improvement.

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 25 July 2017.