This week on the Academic Development and Research Training Programme

Independent Non Examining Chair Briefing

1st November 2016, 1000-1200

Suitably qualified academic staff should be nominated by their Faculty to act in the role of Independent Chair.

The independent non-examining chair college was created to ensure equity and fairness in the examination process.

The criteria for membership of the IC College are as follows:

ICs should be current members of the University’s academic staff who have:

  • Successfully supervised to completion at least one research degree student
  • Experience of examining research degrees
  • Experience of management of staff
  • Sufficient experience and seniority to command respect and, if necessary, intervene in the oral examination

Members of the University’s Research Degrees Committee are automatically members of the IC College.

Associate Deans (Research and Innovation) should nominate sufficient members who satisfy the above criteria, to make certain that enough capacity is available in each Faculty to ensure the volume of annual research degree examinations can take place.

Staff who are nominated should attend this workshop before undertaking their role.

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Faculty Ethics Training – Arts, Design and Social Sciences

1st November 2016, 1400-1600

Each Faculty provides training on research ethics led by the Faculty Research Ethics Directors. The training covers not only the process of ethical approval at Northumbria for research projects, but is grounded in the principle of informed consent.

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New Postgraduate Research Supervisor

2nd November 2016, 1000-1200

The new postgraduate research supervisor workshop is an opportunity for staff new to PGR supervision to learn about the support mechanisms available for PGRs at Northumbria. This session will introduce staff to the procedures and practices at Northumbria for postgraduate research including recruitment, progression and examination. This session will also cover ethics and integrity of research and supervisory relationship.


Staff attending this workshop will:

  • Understand the supervisory practices and processes at Northumbria including recruitment and annual progression
  • Understand the processes supporting annual progression, the appointment of examiners, submission readiness and the viva voce
  • Understand the nature of the supervisory relationship and how to support postgraduate students including other support mechanisms available at the University

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Examining a Doctorate

3rd November 2016, 1300-1500

This session is aimed at those who are new to examining doctoral candidates. He session will explore the primary responsibilities of doctoral examiners are. It will focus on the procedures at Northumbria University and in addition will discuss how examiners can ensure that the work is of an appropriate standard, how a doctoral examination proceeds and how to support doctoral candidates through the process.

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Supervisor Regulation Update

4th November 2016, 1300-1500


The PGR Supervisor Update is a briefing that all current supervisors must attend every three years. This ensures that Northumbria supervisors are kept up-to-date with changes in Unviersity regulations and national requirements relating to PGSs.


Staff attending this workshop will:

  • Receive an update on new supervisory practices and processes at Northumbria including recruitment and researcher development.
  • Understand the processes of annual progression, appointment of examiners, submission readiness and the viva voce.

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