EPSRC Future Photonics Hub Innovation Fund 2016

A light symphony by Kevin Dooley CC BY
A light symphony by Kevin Dooley CC BY

EPSRC has recently announced a call for research projects which add value to and support the objectives of the Future Photonics Hub: http://www.zeplerinstitute.ac.uk/events/innovationfund

Up to £250K is available which may be split among several proposals or awarded to a single proposal. Funding is based on usual EPSRC rules of 80% FEC. Proposal is via a two page application emails to contact@photonicshubuk.org.

The priority areas for the hub are:

  • High-performance silica optical fibres
  • Light generation and delivery
  • Silicon Photonics
  • Large-scale manufacture of metamaterials and 2D materials

Please contact your Faculty Research Funding and Policy Manager if you are interested in applying.