EPSRC New Opportunities in Signal Processing: 2-day Workshop

256-color-dithering-with-irfanview-cc0EPSRC has recently announced a two-day workshop on new opportunities in signal processing. The idea is to open up research in signal processing into new areas and to gain insights from new disciplines. The list of topics they are looking it is very broad and covers many of the disciplines in Northumbria’s Faculty of Engineering and Environment:

  • Communications signal processing in particular in relation to the Internet of Things, 5G and beyond
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Data science (including formation and enhancement, representation and modelling, and, understanding from data)
  • Machine learning
  • Image processing and computer vision
  • Visualisation and immersive technologies
  • Psychoacoustic and visual perception
  • audio (music, speech, environmental)

They are also looking for participants connected to application domains:

  • Healthcare (biostatistics, processing of medical data, data from sensors)
  • Earth sciences and remote sensing
  • Econometrics
  • Robotics and autonomous systems

Those interested in attending need to apply on the web form which asks how your research area fits with the theme of the workshop, and how it might be applied. EPSRC will provide funding for accommodation and subsistence, but not travel to attend the workshop, which will need to be covered from internal research funding (either PI’s personal research accounts or via UoA lead funding).

It is likely that attendance will be beneficial in terms of building academic networks and helping to shape the direction of funding policy in this area in future through EPSRC. Please contact your Faculty Research Funding and Policy Manager if you require assistance with the application form, or if you have any questions about the scheme.