Want to commercialise the results of your research??

The Royal Society Translation Awards are for scientists who wish to investigate the potential to commercialise an aspect of their research. The aim is to:

  • provide support aimed at innovation and translation of research within Universities
  • support outstanding researchers test the technical and economic feasibility of commercialising as aspect of their research and help academics to demonstrate that their concept has high potential for commercial success
  • enable projects that have demonstrated successful past research to enter the development stage
  • create a cohort of innovative researchers providing them with bespoke training and support to increase their chances of successfully commercialising their research

Applications can be in any of the areas covered by the Royal Society: any of the natural and applied sciences including medical science, engineering and interdisciplinary research.

Awards will be for up to £50,000. There will be two rounds of applications per year. The next deadline is 20 October 2016.

For further details see the Royal Society website.