Health Research – multiple morbidities in older people

National Institute for Health ResearchThe National Institute for Health Research invites proposals for its programme development grants for applied research. Grants are worth between £20,000 and £100,000 for a period of six to 18 months. Closing date 13th October 2015 at 1pm

These grants support projects in all areas of health research, however priority is given to those that focus on the evaluation of interventions or services delivered for older people with multimorbidity, defined as the co-occurrence of two or more chronic conditions in one person. Grants enable a research team to develop and refine its research plans, obtain empirical justification for discrete elements of the future programme, or further develop existing collaborative expertise.

Proposals may include the following:

  • evidence synthesis that might include modelling
  • selection or development of interventions or measures of outcome
  • pilot or feasibility studies to determine recruitment and participant retention rates, inform sample sizes calculations or optimise delivery of the intervention
  • demonstration of practical ability to undertake elements of the future programme, such as when complex data linkage is required
  • strengthening of existing collaborations with methodological experts necessary to deliver the proposed research programme

All NHS bodies and other providers of NHS services in England may apply in collaboration with one or several academic partners, provided they are capable of fulfilling the role of research sponsor as set out in the research governance framework for health and care. Bids may be submitted by consortia including more than one NHS body or other provider of NHS services, and may include support for patient or consumer groups wanting to lead or participate in programmes of research. The academic partner can be a university outside England, if an appropriate case is made in the application.

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