Interested in representing your faculty in the ECR working group 2015-16?

Are you interested in joining Northumbria’s ECR working group? Some of the current working group will be standing down in the next few months meaning that we will have some vacancies to fill.

D Social Networking by StockMonkeys CC BY 2.0
D Social Networking by StockMonkeys CC BY 2.0


The ECR working group meets 3 times per year to discuss ECR needs and issues and to develop proposals and ideas for the University’s Research and Innovation Committee. The group also plans the 3 meetings per year of the ECR Forum which are open to all staff in the early stages of a research career and final year PGR students.

There are currently two representatives per faculty and there will be at least one vacancy in each faculty. We are looking for colleagues who would be happy to get involved with the above as well as representing ECR views and concerns at the Faculty Research and Innovation Committees and representing the ECR community on other University committees and working groups. You would also engage with ECRs in your faculty acting as a contact point, sharing information with the working group and more widely.

The role is an excellent way to get a better understanding of research support and management across the University, to develop a cross-faculty network of ECR contacts and to make a valuable contribution to improving ECR support here.

If you are interested in exploring these opportunities or finding out more about the ECR Forum, please feel free to speak to me or one of the working group representatives for your faculty.