Latest Opportunities for Staff in E&E: Now Available on Intranet

Our Direction by Brian Talbot CC BY-NC
Our Direction by Brian Talbot CC BY-NC

Have you tried to use ResearchProfessional before but struggled to find funding  relevant to your specific area of interest? RBS has created tailored searches for research funding opportunities based on research expertise in departments. The results of these are now available on the Northumbria University Intranet for staff in Engineering and Environment:

Latest Funding Opportunities: Engineering & Environment

You can click on each department and you will see a list of relevant research areas. Clicking on each of these will take you to an interactive PDF which lists opportunities in order of closing date. Basic information is available here, such as funder, title of opportunity and maximum award amount. You can click on each individual heading to visit ResearchProfessional find out more.

Other Faculties will follow in the coming weeks. These opportunities will be updated monthly and all staff will receive an email notification when they are refreshed. Of course, these searches won’t fit everyone’s individual interests, but they should be a good place to start. If you need any further guidance on how to set up your own searches on ResearchProfessional, you can either consult our Getting Started Guide [PDF]or come along to one of our Finding Funding workshops.