ICT Proposer’s Day – Horizon 2020

Northumbria University academic, Claudio Benghi, attended the recent ICT Proposer’s Day (9-10 October, Florence, Italy), funded through Research and Business Services’ EU Networking and Project Preparation Fund, which supports academic staff to attend relevant EC consortium-building events where Faculty funding is unavailable.

The ICT Proposer’s Day was a networking event focused on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2015 in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

Claudio has kindly created the following list of presentations which were delivered at the event; click on the title to see the presentation. Each presentation is a Youtube video and some can be fairly long (1 hour+). However, they provide a very detailed overview of funding opportunities and thematic priorities in this area.

Claudio will be writing a further post about his experiences at the Proposer’s Day event in the next few weeks. If you have any questions about the funding on offer through Horizon 2020 please contact your Faculty Research Funding Manager.

Panel 1

FoF Factories of the Future 

Future Micro-Nano Electronics

Photonics PPP

Cross-cutting ICT KETs 

Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects

Customised and Low-power Computing 

ICT 24 – 2015: Robotics 


Panel 2

CAPS Collective Awareness Platforms

Cloud Computing Procurement Actions 

5G PPP and Network Prizes 

IPR Helpdesk 

FIWARE Accelerator Programme

FIRE Future Internet Research & Experimentation

R&D Targeted Cooperation with Brazil 


Panel 3

Learning & Teaching Technologies 

Digital Cultural Assets 

Big Data 

Technologies for Creative Industries 

FTI Fast Track to Innovation 

ODI Open Disruptive Innovation 



Panel 4

HPC High Performance Computing 

VREs and eInfrastructure skills 

FET Open

H2020: Proposal Making 

International Cooperation 

Support for Access to Finance 


Panel 5

Water Management 

ICT-based solutions for Energy Efficiency 

ICT-Based solutions for Transport & Green Vehicles 

Smart Cities 

ICT-enabled Open Government – Emerging Technologies 

ICT-enabled Open Government & Mobile e-Government by SMEs 

Digital Security 


Panel 6

H2020: Proposal Making 

eHealth Services 

Health Data and Modelling

eHealth prize 

Support for Standardisation 

Active and Healthy Ageing 

ICT for Integrated Care 

Put Innovation at the Core of your Proposal