Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 – Fellowships announced

Fellowship Advertisement 2013The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 (or @royalcom1851 as its known to its Twitter followers) has recently announced the latest round of its Fellowships funding schemes. Three types of fellowship are available with different deadlines:

Research Fellowships: “Intended to give early career scientists or engineers of exceptional promise an opportunity to conduct a research project of their own instigation.” These offer a flat rate stipend payable over three years for the successful applicants, plus £3,000/annum to cover research expenses and travel. Approximately 8 awards are made per year. Deadline: 20th February 2014.

Industrial Fellowships“Aim to encourage profitable innovation and creativity in British Industry by supporting research leading to a patented product or process in conjunction with a PhD/EngD. [These awards are] open to outstanding first degree graduates in engineering, science or medicine”. The awards pay university student fees, 50% of salary, £3,500 travel grant per annum and £10,000 grant to the university department paid on completion. 8 awards were made in last year’s competition. Deadline: 23rd January 2014.

Industrial Design Studentships“Aim to stimulate industrial design capability among the country’s most able science and engineering graduates”. The awards pay tuition fees, a stipend of £10,000, plus £850 for materials. As in the two Fellowships, around 8 awards are made per year. Deadline: 30th April 2014.

Anyone interested in applying should contact your Research Funding and Policy Manager in RBS in good time to get help and support with your application. Incidentally, in this year’s call the Royal Commission are accepting email submissions, rather than hard copy only, which should make things easier all round.