Feedback on Horizon 2020: Sustainable Urban Dynamics Stakeholder Workshop

The Hilton Hotel Madrid Airport 2008 by UggBoy CC BY 2.0Recently Professor Bob Giddings represented Northumbria University in a Horizon 2020 Stakeholder Workshop in Rome on Sustainable Urban Dynamics. This workshop involved experts across the EU from industry and academia as well as the EC to inform the development of the Horizon 2020 Challenge on “The promotion of sustainable and inclusive environments through innovative spatial and urban planning and design”.

Bob has agreed to give an informal feedback and briefing session on key lessons learned from the event and to highlight any significant opportunities (in terms of networking, partnerships or funding) which may be relevant to Northumbria staff in this area. This will take place next Wednesday, 17th April from 12-1pm in Pandon Building, Room S3.

All Northumbria staff are welcome, but please let me know if you plan to attend by 3pm Friday 12th April so that I can book tea/coffee. Please note there will be no lunch provided.

Background: Horizon 2020 is the EC’s next Framework Programme for Research and Development and will run from 2014-2020. This will have a substantially increased budget from FP7 and part of this will go towards funding research addressing “Societal Challenges”, including challenge 6 on Inclusive, Secure and Sustainable Societies, which is where the topic above will sit.

The stakeholder workshop aimed to identify potential research subjects to be tackled at EU-level related to:

  • Social cohesion in EU cities
  • Economics of urban and peri-urban areas;
  • Environmental urban governance;
  • EU cities as hubs of creativity and innovation;
  • Medium and long-term pathways of urban development.

More details about the workshop can be found on the EC’s research web pages: