EPSRC Regional Meetings: Slides Now Available

You may recall back in early May, Sam and I attended the EPSRC Regional Meeting in Newcastle. The slides from the three presentations at the event are now available to view on the EPSRC website. I’ve included David Delpy’s presentation below:

One of the interesting points made near the end of the presentation concerns the EPSRC commitment profile. In 2012/13 their commitment to research spend spikes to around £700M before dropping back down to £250M in 2013/14. David Delpy made the point in the presentation that this was partly because training centres are due to be renewed in 2013, and partly because the Comprehensive Spending Review is due that year. This means we can expect a significant number of research calls in the 2012/13 academic year, and presumably significantly fewer in subsequent years in line with their Delivery Plan.