Can Social Media Boost Your Research Career?

Many of us use social media – e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs – on a daily basis, but is it simply a bit of fun, a chance to chat to family and friends, or can it boost your career as a researcher?

The Vitae North West Hub are holding a short seminar which aims to answer this question. Leveraging social media for research career advantage takes place on 30th April in Bangor University. The event is free to attend but participants would need to pay travel costs.

The short seminar will discuss the assertion recently made by Forbes Business magazine that the traditional curriculum vitae will disappear within 5 years to be replaced by your “digital footprint“, i.e. the sum of your online profiles and interactions. There is potential for a “digital divide” to emerge between those academics who take advantage of the opportunities presented by social media, and those who do not.