New EPSRC Peer Review College

The EPSRC has recently announced a change in the way their Peer Review College works. Rather than invite applications for members for a fixed number of years, the College now invites members for an unlimited period. Members can step down at any time:

EPSRC Peer Review College Announcement

The EPSRC feels that this approach allows more flexibility and avoids the need to have a major review every few years which can be administratively burdensome.

As before, prospective members must be actively engaged in the research community. They must also have the endorsement of five independent researchers who are existing or previous Peer Review College members, or who have been a PI on an EPSRC research proposal in the past three years.

Guidance on how to nominate yourself is available on the College website. The benefits of becoming a peer reviewer are significant, including opportunities to network and to gain an insight into the peer review process, as well as improving your own proposal writing skills.