Digital Economy: Research In the Wild

EPSRC has invited researchers to submit expressions of interest for “Research in the Wild” proposals as part of the cross-Council interdisciplinary Digital Economy theme:

EPSRC: Research In The Wild 2012

Three challenge areas have been identified for this call and potential applicants should address one or more of these in their response:

  • Sustainable Society – Digital technologies can be used to make services more sustainable and enhance current systems (economic, environmental and social), in a way that is accessible, affordable, bespoke and popular.
  • IT as a Utility – To realise the digital economy, digital infrastructure should be so simple, accessible and reliable it is invisible to the consumer.
  • New Economic Models – New business models in a digital economy will create a more flexible, dynamic, resilient and individual-centred economy for the UK.

Because Digital Economy is a cross-Council priority, researchers across the full range of disciplines involved in the  theme are welcome to put forward a proposal. This includes arts, humanities, economics and social sciences, as well as EPSRC’s traditional remit of physical science and engineering.

Research in the wild calls focus on “early stage directed research through to implementation, testing and iterative improvement of technologies or methods with potential beneficiaries”. Basic, fundamental research and product development are both out of scope. The detailed guidance notes for this call make clear that all proposals should include user engagement, iteration of research solutions following user testing, and real-world potential from research outcomes.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 18th April at 4pm. Northumbria University staff should contact RBS at an early stage for help and advice with an application, particularly as this call could benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration.