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Ellie Land

Bathroom Privileges 2019

Digital Film still copyright Land and Williams

Three stories of denied access and exclusion, bringing to light society’s views on disability, gender and race in the most intimate spaces. Establishing the public bathroom as a stimulus for investigation, the politics of sharing are examined through the lived experiences of contributors Ben, Kemi and Emma. Bathroom Privileges is an animated documentary co-directed by Ellie Land and Social Worker Rupert Williams and funded by BFI Doc Society. The practice-based research involved a multi-layered approach, including peer interviews, co-creation and animated re-enactment. Bathroom Privileges won the AHRC Research in Film Award (Animation) 2020.


Irene’s Ghost 2018

Digital Film Still Ellie Land

Irene’s Ghost is an award-winning part-animated feature documentary examining memory and trauma associated with the loss of a parent. Land directed the animated segments in the film and developed novel working practices for multidisciplinary teams in digital storytelling, as an extended body of practice-based research. Described as one of the Guardian’s Best Films of 2019, Irene’s Ghost has been screened theatrically over 100 times in the UK and internationally with distribution secured by Sky Documentaries and on VOD. It was nominated for a BIFA Discovery Award 2018 and has won five awards including Best Animation at the Royal Television Society Awards 2020. Funded by the BFI, Creative England, Creative Scotland, and Wellcome.


Sleepless 2015

Digital Film Still Ellie Land

Sleepless is the result of a two year conversation between artist Ellie Land and scientist Professor Peter Oliver (University of Oxford) about the links now being discovered between sleep and mental health. Commissioned as part of the Silent Signal Project, bringing together artists working with animation and leading biomedical scientists to explore new ways of thinking and developing public engagement with the human body. Supported through funding from the Wellcome Trust, the film has been presented in seven group exhibitions including LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery, Dundee, screened at 60 international film festivals and presented at conferences including Ars Electronica 2017, Linz, Austria.