Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in ice core geochemistry and past greenhouse gas variability. The successful candidate is to be employed by Northumbria University to work as a researcher on the Royal Society funded project ‘Augmenting ice core records with continuous histories of CO2, CH4 and N2O” (RGF\EA\181047). The Postdoctoral Researcher will develop methods to measure the concentration and isotopic composition of atmospheric gases trapped in polar ice cores. The successful candidate will work closely with researchers at the British Antarctic Survey, University of Bern and Oregon State University to generate new data on existing Antarctic ice cores and will be expected to disseminate the results in peer-reviewed journals and at conferences.

The ideal candidate will have expert knowledge in geochemistry with an emphasis on stable isotope mass spectrometry. Experience in Quaternary Science, greenhouse gas biogeochemistry, ice core gas geochemistry and other palaeoclimate methods is desirable.

Candidates will be expected to disseminate research findings in peer-reviewed publications and/or international conferences.  Applicants must hold a PhD degree (or close to completion) in Earth Science, Geology, Physical Geography, Atmospheric Chemistry or related discipline. For further details and to apply, please click here.