Florian Schwarz

Project: The Pliocene of Northwest China: Understanding aridification in a warmer world

My research project focuses on the monsoon-dependent vegetation and climate evolution of Northwest China during the mid-Piacenzian warm period (3.3 – 3.0 Ma). The mid-Piacenzian warm period is a very interesting geological period since it contained similar climatic conditions compared to what is expected at the end of the 21st century. My research tests the hypothesis that monsoonal activity was increased during this warm period leading to higher precipitation in the Asian interior. In order to reconstruct the paleovegetation and paleoclimate, I am establishing a high-resolution pollen record for the Qaidam Basin, Northeastern Tibetan Plateau.

Furthermore, I am part of a research project aiming to reconstruct the postglacial landscape evolution of the Wolf Crags, Lake District. In this project, I am reconstructing vegetation changes using pollen analysis.

Prof Ulrich Salzmann