With an undergraduate degree in Palaeobiology & Evolution and an MSc in Applied Micropalaeontology, I am very interested in the practical application of the geological and fossil records for use in reconstructing palaeoenvironments, and understanding the dynamic inter-relationships between the many environmental factors, such as ocean circulation, sea/atmospheric temperatures, marine salinity levels, palaeogeography and, in the Holocene, anthropomorphic effects. Currently, I am a postgraduate research student working under supervision of Dr Matthew Pound, examining the palaeoenvironmental variability across the eastern Mediterranean throughout the Neogene and Quaternary Periods (20Ma to modern day). To do this, I am utilizing the fossilized microscopic remains of two protist groups- diatoms and dinoflagellate palynomorphs, along with further palynological material, fossilized pollen. My first year will focus on gathering such data from Holocene aged cored sediments, retrieved in close proximity to the Akrotiri Salt Lake on the Akrotiri Peninsula, Cyprus.

Dr Matthew Pound