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Dr Yoshi Maezumi (University of Amsterdam) ‘Ancient fires in the Amazon’ and Dr Encarni Montoya (University of Liverpool) ‘Searching for El Dorado in the 21st century: long-term vegetation dynamics in northern South America’

March 6 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Ancient fires in the Amazon

Dr S. Yoshi Maezumi (University of Amsterdam)

Dr. Maezumi is a Neotropical palaeoecologist specializing in the impact of past human land use, plant domestication and fire management on modern forest ecosystems. Dr. Maezumi was recently awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship for her research project FIRE: Fire Intensity in Rainforest Ecotones at the University of Amsterdam.

This talk will examine ancient fire records in the Amazon. Combining past climate, ecology, and archaeology data provides insights into natural fire regimes and how ancient people used fire as a tool to alter Amazonian landscapes, improve soils and domesticate crops. Lessons learned from palaeofire archives can help contextualize modern fire activity in the Amazon and provide insights into the long-term resilience of Amazon forests to natural and anthropogenic fire activity.


Searching for El Dorado in the 21st century: long-term vegetation dynamics in northern South America

Dr Encarni Montoya (University of Liverpool)

Dr. Montoya is a Neotropical palaeoecologist working on late Glacial to present-day vegetation dynamics and its response to environmental drives such as climate, volcanic activity and human occupation. Dr. Montoya uses a wide range of biological proxies preserved in sedimentary archives such specifically pollen, charcoal and non-pollen palynomorphs.

In this palaeoecological trip across northern South America, pollen analysis will be used to explore the responses of plant communities from multiple ecosystems to a range of environmental drivers. Climate change, volcanic eruptions and human impact will be discussed in relation to the long-term vegetation dynamics of tropical forests from the Andes to the Atlantic coast since the last Ice Age.



March 6
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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