The Centre

Welcome to the Northumbria Centre for International Development website. The Centre brings together academics and practitioners from the UK and internationally to promote research, consultancy, teaching, training and public engagement on global poverty and inequality, the communities and individuals who experience it, and the policies, practices and approaches that seek to address it. Members of the Centre are drawn from diverse disciplines across the arts and social sciences and work with a wide range of partners in global South and North, specialising in three main areas:

•  NGOs, Activism and Civil Society

•  Governance, Environmental Resources and Sustainability

•  Transnationalism, Cosmopolitanism and Mobility

Through these themes, the Centre contributes to knowledge generation and policy and public debate around key contemporary international development challenges, including climate change and resource conflicts, migration, public engagement, international volunteering, development education and development policy beyond the Millennium Development Goals.

We hope that you will find opportunities to share in and contribute to some of the activities of the Centre, virtually or in person, through our events and seminars, online dialogues or through our programmes of teaching and learning. If want to find out more about what we do, or are interested in our MSc International Development, we would really like to hear from you.

Prof Matt Baillie Smith, Director, Northumbria Centre for International Development