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Status update

Remember when HEFCE suggested replacing peer review with metrics after RAE2008? They backed off fairly quickly following strong opposition, and the REF ended up, as the RAE, largely based on peer review. Well, now that REF2014 is over, talk of metrics-based research assessment is back and HEFCE have just announced an independent review, chaired by Prof James Wilsdon. It will report by spring 2015. More from THE [£] and Research Fortnight [£].

Mar 31

HEFCE Open Access Policy for post-2014 REF

HEFCE has today released its open access policy for the post-2014 Research Excellence Framework. I was intending to write a short summary this morning, but I’ve already been beaten to it by the ever-excellent Martin Eve, who’s got a “Really Short Version” in four bullets, and an extended abridged version if you want to dig a …

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Oct 09

HEFCE Consultation on Open Access post-REF

Open Access promomaterial by biblioteekje CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Both myself and Ruth Hattam recently attended events organised by HEFCE focussing on the recent consultation paper around Open Access (OA) in the post-2014 REF.  The principle behind the proposals is that outputs submitted for the next REF submission (likely to be around 2020) should be open access. Definitions first For a publication to be …

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Oct 15

REF Impact Guide for Research Users

Referee by Bugsy Sailor CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The REF team at HEFCE has produced a short summary of the REF and specifically of research impact, for research users outside academia.  This document can be used to help explain the REF process to organisations you may need to call on to provide evidence to support impact case studies – it outlines the REF …

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Jun 22


Question mark by Ciccio Pizzettaro CC BY-NC-SA 2

In case there weren’t enough acronyms in the title for you, HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) have published answers to a new set of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on the REF (Research Excellence Framework. They’re available here: HEFCE REF FAQs The updates include information on the definition of “independent research” for early career …

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Jun 20

Expanding Access to Published Research Findings – Report Published


The report of the Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings chaired by Dame Janet Finch has been published. This recommends a programme of action to enable more people to read and use the publications arising from research.  Better, faster communication of research results will bring benefits for public services and for economic …

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Apr 10

REF CoP consultation period ends


Northumbria University’s consultation exercise around its Research Excellence Framework (REF) Code of Practice has come to an end. There was an encouraging degree of interest in the Code, with well over 500 individual visits to the consultation page on the University website.  All suggestions and potential amendments will be reported to the REF Advisory Group …

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