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David Young

The results of the first call in Horizon 2020 for Marie Sklodowska Curie Initial Training Networks have recently been made available. 1003 proposals were submitted, of which 834 passed the threshold. These 834 amounted to €2.8 billion funding requested from the EU. There is €350 million available for this call, so we know that the success rate by value is around 12% (for the proposals above threshold) and around 10% overall (when you include those proposals under the threshold).

Kerri Jude

UKRO would like to remind their subscribers of a current questionnaire aimed at gathering the views of stakeholders on the initial experiences of Horizon 2020.

The questionnaire has been put together by the Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices in Brussels (IGLO) and covers the following areas:

  • Description of topics in the Work Programme
  • Participant Portal
  • Evaluations
  • Clarity of legal and financial guidelines

The results will then be assembled in a single document highlighting draft recommendations and selected key issues. UKRO will also use the completed questionnaires to inform its own workshop on the first calls in Horizon 2020 which is likely to take place in autumn this year.

A copy of the questionnaire can we found here and completed copies will need to be sent to Emma Carey by 01 October 2014.

Erasmus+ 2015 Call is Fast Approaching


Each year The European Commission publishes a Call for Proposals providing high-level details on programme eligibility, award criteria, budgets and application deadlines so that you can apply for funding for your projects. The 2015 Call is due to be published this month. Starting in October there will be several briefing events held which will be…

Alona Welby

As part of our UKRO membership we have an annual visit from our European advisor. Alex Berry will visit us on Monday 6 October. We are working on the programme for the day with her and will publish more details here when we have them. There will probably be sessions on Marie Sklowdowska-Curie Actions, a session on social sciences and humanities in H2020 and a clinic session where people can sign up for a  short slot to discuss their H2020 project ideas. These will be open to all staff and will be a great opportunity to find out more about different parts of Horizon 2020 and see where your project ideas fit best. We will keep you posted!


Monthly Research Drop-In Sessions for Arts, Design and Social Sciences Staff


Members of the ADSS Faculty Bidding Support Group have arranged research funding ‘Drop-In’ sessions for Arts, Design and Social Sciences staff to be regularly held in the Lipman Building, Room 026. These will be held on the first Wednesday afternoon of every month 2-3.30pm, with the first one this coming Wednesday, 2nd September. Members of…

Keep up to date with the Newton Fund for International Development

Newton Fund

The Newton Fund has been up and running since April and announcements are now picking up pace with a series of fresh funding calls on science partnerships between the UK and its 15 partner countries. The £375 million international research programme has an official website, but the UK Higher Education International Unit (one of the…

BA Mid-Career Fellowships open and dates for 2014/15 deadlines

Brit logo

  The British Academy have opened their 2014-15 Mid-Career Fellowships scheme for applications. The deadline is 5pm on 17th September 2015, and is available for applicants in the Humanities and Social Sciences who have had their PhD for between 5-15 years. More information on the requirements of the scheme can be found here along with…

Mathematics: big data, advanced measurement and hearing aids

Mathematics by Tom Brown CC BY 2.0

There have been several opportunities relating to mathematics announced this week and I thought I’d wrap them up in a single post: EC Consultation on Mathematics and Big Data/HPC: An EC consultation, open until 30th September 2014, is seeking views on how mathematics can help science to better address the big data and HPC (high performance…

Scott McGee

It seems to be consultation season lately, and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS for short) are joining the fun. While preparing the UK’s 2014 Science and Innovation Strategy, a consultation has been opened where parties with an interest in where funds for research are invested in the future are invited to share their views.

Consultations of this kind are a vital way of influencing policy, and where future funding for R+D will go. The consultation is here.  (And if your response isn’t polite don’t tell them I sent you!)